Captain Louisot

sil03Captain Louisot was the commanding officer of the 10th Company at the time of these events.

He supported the capture of hill 470 by the 9th Company on 25 January 1944. It was he who, halfway up hill 470, guided the soldiers of the 11th Company as they emerged from the Gandoet Ravine (a ravine climbed by several sections of the 10th Company).

On 26 January 1944, Captain Louisot led two sections towards hill 721 (after covering about a hundred metres in the Gandoet Ravine).

One section of the 10th Company took part in the French counter-attack of 29 January 1944 with the objective of occupying the eastern slopes of hill 862.

On 29 January Captain Louisot suffered injuries to his legs when a mortar exploded.

After the war, Captain Louisot continued his brilliant military career in the army, most notably serving as General of the army corps, commanding officer of the 5th Régiment de marche, [an infantry regiment] and military governor of Lyon.